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Didn't they just make a big hairy deal out of how we were dodging a bullet, that the dreaded kill shot is not imminent because the solar activity is going all humdrum and quiescent? DIDN'T THEY JUST MAKE A BIG HAIRY DEAL OUT OF THAT A COUPLE MONTHS AGO? Or am I dreaming?

WTF are they doing?

And everyone out there trying to take it into their own hands to figure out actuality where the PTB are mindfucking us is, of course, coming under heavy attack by the shill mills. It used to be just political factions getting the treatment, and now it's alternative people, people who range from genuine experts to just plain smart people doing their homework and trying to put it together. No matter. They are ALL being nuked by ugly and derisive and threatening TROLLS. They are all coming from warehouses full of computer terminals with people being paid to do this. I don't know if they get paid per rotten mindfuck comment on videos and blogs, or if they just do minimum wage, but the footprint is clear. I'm an expert on this. At least on blogs you can see where they're coming from, but on YouTube I don't think you can. So there are a bunch of cool people being driven into fits of rage, and fear, who begin spending all their video time ranting about trolls, and then go silent.

WHEN is the revolution coming? WHEN are people going to get to those shill mills and cut their internet connections? When are people going to start occupying think tanks and government buildings and corporate headquarters in such massive numbers that they cannot proceed with this crap?




No sooner do I hang up from this blog post than I go over to my YouTube account and find just popped up A VIDEO DIRECTLY ON POINT....