herd animals

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This shit persists and escalates because we have no community. People NEED each other. Instead of dwelling on the ignominious attributes of the withering realization of our species-wide Achilles Heel, maybe we ought to be remembering that being with our fellows inspires us. Deficits in each are compensated for by the strengths in others. Instead of being tagged sheep to be fleeced, we can be more like a herd of elk headed for spring pastures. Yes, there will be wolves ever-viglant to take down the weakest among us, but we will be stronger for the predation and healthier for our unity of purpose.

Everyone's whining about the lack of leadership. Sheep don't have leaders. Elk have leaders. Elk have leaders because all elk unify against wolves. Sheep do not. If there is a thought at all, it is merely sheepish gratitude it wasn't them. I doubt this. I have spent long hours observing sheep. They very obviously have intelligence on a par with billiard balls. They have two modes of consciousness: oblivion and blind panic. The only reason sheep have not been extinctified long since is their domestication. They cling together in bunches and run maybe as much as a whole hundred yards when startled. So quickly does the oblivion of mere existence resume its work, eating, that they rarely run further than those few yards. They don't stay cognizant of danger until it is upon them... too late. So you might be able to figure out why they would not exist in abundance, if at all, without owners to order their lives from birth to death.

THAT is what is being wrought upon the human population by the ceaseless mental conditioning and concerted efforts to keep us always in a state of fear. Fear turns even smart people witless, and when everyone is in this state, the feds, say, can go do what they did to Rawsome Foods. There was no greater community to stampede them off their kill.

This isn't a new problem. The success of all those assassinations and false flags puts the seal on it. The only times it has improved in this world for the common man was when he stopped being too afraid to protect his fellows and exact accountability for harming them. THEN the owners ease up, back off, start blathering a lot of altruistic-sounding platitudes, go back to biding their time and being more covert about their efforts to neutralize our intelligence and channel our altruism to their own advantage.

This can't go away until we render it impossible. Period.


Do you wonder how politicians can be so uniformly out of contract with the people? Community.

They have community. Just not with us.

The military? How can those guys keep doing that even after they realize how wrong it is? Community. They stop falling for the bullshit from the leadership, but NOTHING keeps them from going to save their fellows.

Activists? What is it that turns every activist into an inactivist with a nicer label? Community. They will ALWAYS sacrifice actual effectiveness to keep that community.

Scientists? Why do they persist in upholding all this blather we've proven wrong? Community. When it becomes acceptable in their community to admit error, they all gleefully begin admitting it.

Religion? COMMUNITY. People will gladly ignore their critical thinking for COMMUNITY.

Is not that we must abandon community. It's that we must RAISE it.