i'm too old for this

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I am still beside myself with the wreck made of my coveted browser. Every time I go to a site I get a shot of the egregious number of INTRUSIVE cookies it loads. I went to lengths to mitigate the cookies that would load on your machine as a consequence of coming here, including nixing the useless and aggravating "Google Analytics". Evidently everyone was doing it because Google quickly decided to make it a mandatory component of having a blog using their service.

I'm going away mad for a couple hours and then I will try again to muster the courage to deal with a new browser. Or to do something as drastic as try to take my whole operating system back to an earlier release so I can get back my old Safari.


This is serious. I don't want to bother with the internet if I have to keep doing things THEIR way. Phil is having a purple spotted hissy about this new law about ISPs keeping records for the jackbooted thugs of everything we do online, and is reduced to begging for us to sign a petition against it, even as he knows that will not even be seen by anyone who can do something about it, EVEN IF IT IS WAVED IN THEIR FACES, even if a caravan of trucks pull up with millions of signatures on paper. For some reason this does not faze me. I keep trying to be fazed by it because it is horrific and one should be fazed to a foaming outrage over it, but... it's just too natural a part of what I've been screaming about for a VERY long time. Maybe this browser travesty is too. Whatever.

I'm going out to do chores and maybe if the tourists aren't too thick, for a nice tromp in the trees. If they're too thick, maybe I will go do it at sunrise tomorrow instead. I need to shake off my horror. If I don't drop it, I can't perform.