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As you know, having seen the idiocy of my conditioning, of the mainstream, I have been working on my doctoral degree in Out There for at least a year. The purpose of this study has been manifold. Teaching myself to drop my defaults and look. Seeing how to pick the lucid bits from even the craziest presentations. Learning to stop my knee jerk antipathy for people espousing conservative viewpoints. Figuring out what they actually might mean by that stuff. Generally broadening my knowledge base, and, most crucially, getting it from people who are genuine, not lying, not coming from a socially-hypnotized space. People who may not be right, but who are clearly doing a much better job of scrutinizing what is than anything offered to us through mainstream media or academia. And along the way I have been astonished to find that there is quite a lot that has been scrupulously hidden from us.


Mostly with Michael Tsarion’s help I have learned that the truth of Tut’s father is almost certainly that his banishment from Egypt was about this megalomaniacal monotheism. Basically sun worship, light worship, Luciferianism, Judite Zionism may have been the genesis of modern religion. Not in the way people have been taught. That the Abrahamic religions were pretty much made up out of yet older stories and myths edited to suit the purposes of those wishing to impose mistaken belief systems on the masses, and keeping something more closely resembling the truth, mixed with some outright evil stuff, for a rarefied power elite that we can see continuing on into the present day.

“Judite” does not equate with “Jewish”. Two different things. The Jews are not the alleged “chosen”. The power elite allege it for themselves and it serves them that Jews and everyone else continue to miss the distinction. This does not let Israel off the hook for their crimes. It merely points to a reality which might be far more productive in terms of stopping the harm than obsessing on the crimes of Israel.


The unified field has almost certainly been ascertained and so those endlessly entertaining “quantum mechanics” are thrown into the limelight, despite their repeated failures, to keep us ignorant of this fact.

There is solid evidence and a solid basis for the use of a directed energy weapon to bring down the Twin Towers... quite more solid than the thermitic material theory.

Humans have the technology to affect the jet stream, and use it. Manmade weather is doable and done. This same technology is capable of causing earthquakes and tsunamis. This same technology can be used to broadcast frequencies that make the frequency following brainwave response in humans produce states of general anxiety, depression, fear, unease which enhance these same effects from the propaganda being cranked out 24/7. TVs also emit this frequency. Without the ability to overcome the frequency-following brain mechanism the entrainment of brains to keep people immobilized continues unabated. So I keep posting things that point.

This technology can also provide limitless clean energy. It can cure dread diseases. It, as Joseph Farrell is fond of pointing out, also makes the hydrogen bomb look like a kitchen match... can literally turn Earth into an asteroid belt.

So there may be a case to be made for withholding it from us... except it has become obvious that the ones who would use it to help humanity and keep it from blowing us up are NOT the ones in control of it now.

Advanced Antiquity

There are mountains of forensic evidence of advanced civilization on this planet millennia ago. There are mountains of evidence that space aliens at least visited, and quite a bit pointing to them having bred with human females to the extent that everyone on the planet has alien DNA... that what is considered human DNA is at least in part of off world origins. There is some indication that it’s as simple as humans come from another planet.

One of the most obvious bits of this evidence is the Great Pyramid in Egypt. We do not have the technology today to build a replica. But, as I say, there are mountains of other bits, all pointing to a much more advanced than present day history of civilization on our planet.

Waking Up

Most people are in no condition to deal with this. A great deal of it is because those who could get into condition are too mindfucked to stop and look, let alone do what it takes.

So I doggedly link you to stuff that can help you come unmindfucked.