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Or started that way, but I have serious reservations about [1] people's ability to uphold this; and [2] the State's ability to honor it. Nonetheless, there are some spectacular concepts to contemplate in this interview.


I have my reservations because I don't feel anyone in power is following their own rules anymore, that they're long past caring about remaining "in honor" and unless you are quite intelligent, diligent, willing and/or able to devote large blocks of time to it, and transcendentally careful, you're in worse trouble than when you started... which would be, according to these people, at birth. I even think that this amount of effort to "consume" their bad ideas could backfire in the form of giving their bad ideas real standing where it has been long absent, absent from inception.

It's important to pay attention to this because, among a great deal of other things, it highlights the distinction between "Jew" and "Judite" and consolidates the theory that organized religion, distinct from individual spirituality, is a collection of various fictions meant to help lull us into the state of ignorance necessary to maintain control of us. It highlights the fact that no one in power is in power by means of anything other than brute force conducted behind the veil of epic deceit. There is no actual consideration paid by any of the PTB. They've just claimed it and defied us to stop them.

I think the real error of all those putting forth, in whatever form, this sovereignty concept is that they assume at some level the PTB will be forced to "act in honor" and I don't know if there are any of them left sane enough to let themselves be backed up against that wall, when they control the might to abrogate their own law, ergo that wall... which once again puts us on the question of fight or capitulate to our own assassination. So Max Igan can scold righteously all he wants, but what he's actually advocating is, ultimately, the resort to violence or the consent to enslavement, consent to be killed.

Maybe they're hoping this will let them out of the set of all people to be killed. Maybe they're being smart. Maybe they are doing a really fancy version of stalling... putting themselves further back in the line.


If you have listened to this long interview carefully, and then listen to THIS short one, it may really give you the idea of why it's imperative we start concentrating on some approximation of sovereignty, why just trying to bump yourself back in the line of slaves to be killed, because even if you succeed, you still will be killed, cannot possibly cut it, has not cut it, has put us in this very condition to begin with.