just thinking

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I was listening to the Corbett Report earlier, and feeling irked because he too often is just using the voice on others' material and/or taking a left turn into a skewed view of a critical bit of information, but he reminded me that I wanted to hear Tarpley talking about his "Angel Is Next" thing, but didn't want to put myself through the MALLOY THING [mp3, three hours] again for it. So ended up settling on the talkingstick video of an April 2006 lecture instead.

I was just thinking last night about the whole OBL and Abraham Lincoln Marfan syndrome thing and heard Tarpley mentioning here that the CIA had called OBL "the Abraham Lincoln of the Arabs" back in the day. I'd been thinking of that from feeling pleased to have abandoned my MAGAZINE thing. Too, too damn much like the rest of the Blue Pill Media. So I must have been destined to listen to Tarpley again.

I noticed this time that he was taking Judy Wood seriously, but just had questions, and doing the same with the Thermitic Material Gang. It got me thinking again about how badly biases affect one's hearing. I know damn well I've listened to this lecture before, probably more than once, and this was the first time I noticed that.

There was a bit in an old CORBETT VIDEO I'd missed, too. I remember about the Buffet air force base meeting, but I don't think I ever heard the part about all the people in his meeting whose offices were in the Twin Towers. I just remember thinking it damn odd that Warren Buffet would be holding a charity event at an air force base. It's way more than merely odd that oligarchs and prize Silverstein tenants would just happen to be gathered at or near the STRATCOM headquarters at Offutt on that day. Nebraska. Perfect.

I think a heck of a lot of people knew all about 9/11 in advance. I keep thinking about that bit where they reassure Dubya that he will be vindicated by history. That was such an insane thing to say... EVEN for them... and I can't imagine history vindicating any of these filthy puppets for capitulating like this, but maybe I'm still too groggy.