my blog isn't letting me respond to comments

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I think the problem is the new release of Firefox, but I've been having to use a PC half the time and/or needing to use the alternate browser on others' Macs and so I do not seem to be able to make the commenting platform recognize me as even an anonymous person. Too much chaos to get to the bottom of it now. My last dentist gig is tomorrow morning and then I'm driving home. I'll try to deal with it then.

I'm also hoping to be able to get to the Tribal Council office in Klamath before they close to ask them what was up with the dead whale. Maybe I can at least get a number to call and keep hassling them about it.

So, anyway, this is just too much of a circus full of people and furniture and the attempt to recover from my visit with my mother... so... barring a sudden break in all the comings and goings... you probably won't hear from me again until tomorrow night.

XOXOX I love you. I really do. XOXOX