scolding us for rioting

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I will listen.


I think Max is being extremely optimistic about the capacity of the dumbed-down herd animal, and errs in thinking it's completely a matter of conditioning. I don't viddy a good percentage of my fellows putting it together to listen to DEAN CLIFFORD as Max recommends here. I know lawyers who wouldn't grok what they're talking about. Just like I know Yalie MBAs who think the Fed is Federal. And beside the brute realism of this point is the other brute realism that the minute enough people are "standing in their power" and "standing in their freedom" this means of slipping the bonds of oppression will be revoked... if it hasn't been already.

I mean, posse comitatus was repealed without a whimper from the masses. Oh, so you're going to try to use this "trust law" shit on us? Fine. Here's the army to haul you off to the camp.

I could be wrong, mind you. Maybe there IS some set of rules not even space lizards will break to get their way, but... well... I'm thinking you might want to give it a VERY thorough gander before you leap.