today in marcus welby, md

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I have an exceptionally hard time making myself listen to him, even though good information comes through along with the limited hangouts and crazy-making mildness where flaming ire belongs. Here he posits finally that the cores are melted down onto the floors of the reactor buildings, but for no discernible reason seems to think they're just pancaked there on the floors... pay no attention to the word "pancaked"... not continuing on down in the dreaded China Syndrome hypothesis. Since he seems to titrate out the bad news so cautiously, we might even expect him to abandon this position in future episodes... but... maybe it's just me... but I'm beginning to hotly wish for a James Brolin-like underling to pop into one of these videos and start hollering his head off about the state of things.

The short and short of it is: UNTHINKABLE amounts of radiation continue to waft into the air and leach into the soil and into the sea at Fukushima. I suppose when it isn't explosive or there are no awful storms in the vicinity relatively less of it will waft over to us, but when winter hits we can certainly rely on it getting whipped up into the jet stream again... if it isn't still getting up there just now... and you should just plain not get out of the habit of protecting your thyroid and cleansing heavy metals from your system by whichever naturopathic means you feel most comfortable with... not forgetting to count yourself lucky not to live in Japan... not forgetting to send out heart waves to the people being killed by this either.

I think any of us who still wish to raise this world to a state where our true humanity can reach its ultimately good potential should be working VERY hard on ourselves right now and bending over backward to be as loving toward EVERYONE as we can possibly muster.

Yes, this IS as loving as I can be right now about this old goober... and may well be more than he deserves.