today in murderating fucks

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I am sure this playlist is going to grow, but I'm going to be driving for a good part of the day and may not get a chance to update it expeditiously. I think I have figured out why some of Morris' videos don't show up on my subscriptions page until after they're out elsewhere. I think he holds them as private so certain sites can get the "exclusives" and then later opens them back up to his subscribers. I guess this would be about money.

Fucking hell.

Anyway, DON'T try to keep up with this on al Jazeera. We have established that they are definitely in cahoots with the Dark Side, the Force should NOT be with them, cut that shit out. RT will be far more likely to give you a fairer reporting on the matter, and Morris, here, while clearly heavily biased in favor of sense, is working with a network of people inside Libya and with people who have their own networks inside Libya. It's going to be confusing as hell because the rumors in Libya will tend to be about boosting morale and keeping a sense of victory or progress from the enemy, but Morris seems to get to some sort of consensus on reports by the end of each day and you can see the process for yourself. So, just don't swallow the garbage on the news wires. Ignore al Jazeera. RT and Morris seem definitely to be the least willing to distort, that I know about, and don't give in to any urge to vilify Qaddafi just to sound affable to hypnotized people. He has done great things for his people, AND great things for OUR people, AND great things for the African continent. I am sick to death of this drill where we fall for the vilification of anyone not dancing to the space lizards' tune and let our forces go slaughter open a freeway paved with bodies for the extraction of others' resources... for fun and profit. I can't take it. After all my work, don't fall for that crap.

[Bear in mind Mahdi hasn't slept in days. There's a good reason he sounds so out of it.]