today in radiation and drippy experts

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It is NOT just Japan. NO, REALLY.

MARCUS WELBY, MD... says his mouth is faster than his brain, and, well, you know, his mouth is RIDICULOUSLY slow and mild and mealy.

I made it to the Yurok tribal council office in Klamath today and they say it will be MONTHS before we get the pathology reports back on the dead whale/s in the river. I got a business card so I can keep bugging them, but the receptionist was happily sucking on a popsicle when I arrived and not looking apt to let me talk to her boss at the moment. So I'll just keep trying every few weeks and if I don't get anywhere, I'll go gripe about it at the tribal office just down the road from me... wail about how salient this is for all our lives... try to keep this from just quietly melting away into history.