unutterably evil

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It is hard to let the mind light on this because it is SO counter to our conditioning. We don't do this. We don't do this. We don't do this. If someone had told even the most jaded leftist before the turn of the century that we would be doing this, they would not have been believed. They'd have gotten swear words in response. Yes, yes, it is still not "we" doing this, but it IS our people and our money, EVEN if they're fuckers and it's stolen. We're still responsible.

I think there is a point in here that needs consideration. Everyone thinks Syria will be next. It's more likely to be Algeria. It's pretty clear they prefer to just scare the crap out of everyone about getting into it with Iran, but just sabotaging their enrichment activities, killing their nuclear physicists, sending in terrorists to slaughter and provoke uprisings, everything nasty and covert. If we attack Syria, Iran will have to help defend Syria... and that will force Russia and China off the fence.