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I need your help.

People are afraid. Many fearful people are reaching out to us just about full time now. I mean to say, they are expressing love through broadcasting their fear. For the past week or two I have been noticing an uptick in messages about earthquakes from people in the middle of our country... bulletins a few times a day about a new one here and a new one there. I keep consulting the maps they link and they look perfectly NORMAL to me. I keep replying to these people that I don't see anything particularly out of the ordinary in terms of earthquake activity in California, and it does NOTHING to quell their alarm.

I have some experience with this. I've lived on the west coast of Northern California my whole life. I have visited the USGS site many times to report feeling a quake, and check to see if they have the location and magnitude. It doesn't look any different to me now, excepting the changed page design and features, than it ever has. YET these people are not calmed even provisionally it seems. Would you mind CHECKING and telling me if this looks out of the usual to you? Or if you know someone who uses the USGS site enough to give an opinion?

Lots of small quakes has always been viewed as a GOOD sign. They don't start worrying until these become too few and far between, because that means the pressure for a really big one is building up. This has never been infallible, but it has been the general rule of thumb in California for the earthquake gig. AM I MISSING SOMETHING?

Or is this another clash between ignorance coming up against facts again?

And what can we do about it? How can we help them?