fake activism and other discoveries

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I like to call it "inactivism" because that's what it is, only I know the term is a jot misleading... sorta makes you think of couch potatoes. I don't mean couch potatoes. I mean very industrious sorts whose "activism" is about gaining celebrity, whose work flows more in the direction of self-aggrandizement and profit than to improvements for the world. This is difficult because you don't want to think they're lying to you. It's hard to see where the lie resides. Sometimes it's just outrageous stuff not-witless-with-fear-and-vexation people wouldn't credit, but other times it's based on something solid but suppressed in the mainstream, like election fraud and applications of Tesla physics technology or any number of crusades for reinstating our human rights, but when you look very closely you see it's all mouth and the only action is about celebrity or about money. You might figure some of them deserve the income and name for creating awareness, and maybe even fifty years ago awareness in itself was sufficient, but we have seen over the last at least ten years, where it's been glaring, that it is UTTERLY impotent, UTTERLY mooted by a power structure that gives not two cents for what any of us only think and do not stop. We are grownups acting like frightened children.

It's all about making a living on the tubes and nothing is being improved, save maybe your entertainment, distraction from your terror, the illusion of making a better world. Kids stuff. Delusory garbage, sucking in overgrown children. It doesn't matter if "they" made you that way. You're an adult! You're responsible for correcting it, WHATEVER the cause.