i really like this guy

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I like two things about him the most: [1] he's real, he means it; [2] against our conditioning, he is seriously smart. There are a bunch of other reasons but these two are of prime importance. Even if you manage to get good information from an insincere person, you can't ever rely on it. It turns against you, against positive manifestation. Unerringly. And, of course, any seriously smart person who is also being real, communicating genuinely, even when the way is bumpy, is only ever adding to your ultimate benefit.

I always have loved people who flow against type. I've always trusted them more. I'm just growing into being able to explain it more substantively than merely attributing it to instinct or whim and going about my merry way. I just hope you will subscribe to Mike's NEW CHANNEL and give him a good chance. There's more in it than just survivalist information, or getting a feel for Tesla physics from someone speaking plain English. There's that against type benefit. It helps open minds. It helps open communication channels with your fellow humans who inhabit lifestyles you are trained to shun. Good stuff, Maynard.