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There has been a pretty exasperating series of fits and starts and glitches in the process of getting Mike's conversations with Ginny about scalar technology all uploaded for people to see and hear and think about and research, but on his new channel and in this playlist is the first part I linked a while back, promising to link you to more when it came, and the continuation of that conversation that you have not heard yet. I think it's best to start from the start and go through to the end, but if you don't want to do the start again, you could pick this up around about the sixth video in the playlist

Ginny understands physics and harmonics AND is an expert in translating these disciplines to Your Average Joe. I don't get the impression that many of you have been taking out the time to listen to Farrell wax speculative about it or to nail down what Judy Wood has to say about it or even try to grok what's up with John Hutchison's video experiments, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So, even as this has ended up being uploaded in a manner not planned and there have been several equipment and platform and karmic hiccups to mess it up, IT IS BIG TIME WORTH LISTENING TO... especially if you have been skeptical about the weather control and earthquake manufacture aspects of HAARP usage... but also because it's been ten years since they used some form of technology from this physics to ruin everyone's lives.


Pretend it's a really important movie that came on right before you should have gone to bed.