maybe you're tiring of judy wood interviews

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But I'm not... and the dust has NOT settled. I had thought this was going to be a replay of her earlier interview with Henrik, and so am happily surprised to hear it new. Even though she covers a lot of the same ground in each of her interviews, she also brings up lots of new and informative stuff in each, so I hope yer still hangin' with me here.

As they used to say about 9/11 Truth itself—pre-Veitch&mdas;once you see, you can't go back. Well, ask Jesse, once you see what Dr. Wood is saying, you can't go back to the other theories. Honestly, now, the nagging questions you have not been able to completely forget are now answered. The hardest part is getting over your reservations about a branch of physics no one mainstream mentions. Just try to content yourself that a few hero physicists were ON this subject before it was sat on by the PTB many decades ago. It's real. It's here. And an incredibly brave woman is telling you all about it.