passionate sympathetic contemplation

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As you know, I am NOT big on quantum physics. The one quantum mechanic [my term] I really like is Jack Sarfatti. He makes it sound as though there might be something really fundamental to be nailed down within this "discipline". Mostly, it seems clear to ME, it's really only advanced statistics and useless blather ego-challenged eggheads can get off on espousing, and this is fine with the PTB because it keeps us endlessly OFF the real subject, the matter at hand. Sarfatti is literally the ONLY proponent of this school who ever actually discussed it so as to make me feel there was something actual to be understood through this means. Instead of it serving to make me want to pay more attention to quantum mechanics [not my term], it has served to convinced me that Sarfatti is such an independent thinker that he's more like Haramein, and only calling it this because that's what his friends call it.

I adore this definition of "theory" because it characterizes the fundamental action of all the theoretical maniacs we've ever met... including evolutionists and creationists. If more theorists could remain grounded in the truth of their engagement with passionate sympathetic contemplation we might get somewhere. We might get somewhere because it would open the space in these people to really hear other people whose ideas are not so well credentialed, so mainstream, but much more sensible and much more likely to be TRUE. Everyone seems to forget that statistics are NOT true. They're estimates with a creamy dressing.