seems morris has been helpful on other matters beside libya

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I think it was darn nice of him to bring this up. First interview in the queue is about the "space beam" theory and some bald statements about the "thermitic material" guys' function as a limited hangout.

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Ironic moment to be hearing it again at this moment, because Michael Beckham just RELEASED HIS PROOF [9/12/11 — he deleted the videos] that dutchsinse has been conning us. As you know, I dropped him like a hot potato months ago, when he shit on Mike in public the first time, not wanting any information from someone I could see was going to turn to bullshit sooner or later. And I'm, this belatedly, remembering the first time I went to his channel and saw his favorite book was Infinite Jest. I'd gotten a creepy feeling from seeing that, but was distracted by something else before I could drill down on it. Well, the jest has indeed seemed infinite and I can only hope Mike's videos exposing him will put an end to this infinity.

Anyway, I am appreciating the daylights out of Morris' work, here, again. So even if you don't agree with him on certain political issues, you should listen to him, subscribe to his channel, help more people hear him. Whatever else one thinks about him, it is hard to dispute his dedication to the truth. I love that about Michael Beckham too. I love that about anybody, anywhere, and I appreciate even MORE when people are big enough to admit their mistakes and keep trying.

Happy Tenth Anniversary Amerika....

I know you and your friends are fighting for the American dream. Just don't expect to win.