so toadally wishful thinking dudes

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I mean seriously. What better to jog us off the ceaseless Rothschild bashing that never fazes even a hair on a Rothschild's head? I "learned" today that Israel whacked JFK to keep him from busting them on their nukes. I saw some fucker mowing down YouTube with fake footage of WT7. The population of Libya is being terrorized by bombs from the sky and maniacs beheading people on the streets. Egypt does not have their election. Syria and Algeria are in the throes of being toppled. Bombs and attacks and dead people everywhere. Hungry people. Thirsty people. People dying from lack of health care. People losing their homes. Radiation. Mutated babies. Hot particles. Dread toxins. Sick oceans. Poisoned food. Rampant corruption. Police brutalizing and murdering people. Needing a PhD to figure out what to eat that is LEAST toxic. Blatantly unnatural earthquakes and weather events. Is there a doubt left in your mind why Christians are at a fever pitch about the rapture? The bliss ninnies ohmmming about the enlightened splitting off to the fifth dimensional clean Earth of love and light?

Wouldn't it be spectacular if ET came down to clear our decks, make the world clean and healthy so it could eat our babies?

Yes, yes, it would!


Oh, oh, and have I mentioned lately that I wish MORGAN FREEMAN were president?