something fundamental

[click image, video, hour and a half]


It strikes me today to mention something fundamental, something I might not have mentioned before, or not for a long while, and it is something EVERYBODY has big trouble assimilating. It isn't out there somewhere. It's in here. It's already here. Our minds have been trained away from it. I'm trying not to put this in the trite terms everyone's heard before and dismissed with but a cursory intellectual grasp of the concept alone, without it dawning on them to APPLY it, without the part that forever has me wanting to scream THIS MEANS YOU... or NO! REALLY! I'm hearing Icke give a nice little rant early in this interview, somewhere between ten and twenty minutes in, about the idiot, beside the point, time wasting blather people insert where real adulthood, maturity, responsibility, work, performance belongs.

He goes into this great bit where he lists the boxes everyone brings up, the little mental cells that operate our mouths and fingers while "relating" with others, constitute everyone's ideas about everyone else, the mix of which forms the great herd, the helpless trips down the stream of lethal delusion formed by some seven billion bodies all being herded off a cliff.

I listened to Morris muttering on video at a protest in London against racism earlier, and while the man is providing us with an invaluable service, he's also got his head up his ass. His conservatism is understandable, and despite how NOT politically correctly he comes off fairly often, I think on balance he is a major influence for good in the world. The thing that blanks out his failings and sets him in the assets column is the fact that he talks to all sorts of people and airs what they have to say, even if he's in vociferous disagreement. But all the boxes loaded into his mind really prevent him from becoming a superstar of the future of mankind. He's dwelling on the globalists' drive to homogenize us. He is seriously outraged about all the homosexual issues being shoved down our throats, so to speak, and masses of progressive fascists will reject every word out his mouth and cease even hearing the people he interviews or debriefs for our benefit.

Boxes. Cells. Compartments. Mental prisons. THEY are the mechanism of our slavery, and would be, even if we did not have a little population of sociopaths using it to their advantage. In FACT, it might be those sociopaths could not function, could not impose their sociopathy on us at all, if we but boxed out of our boxes, walked out of our cells, demolished our compartments, let ourselves OUT of our mental prisons. Almost no one knows just how liberating this is, the elation of the fresh air and space, the awe and insight of such a suddenly unimpeded view of everything. Nobody internalizes the naked truth that the answer to everything is already RIGHT HERE, not out there somewhere, not out there in the future, and not out there in the world, and not some crucial baby we only need to wait to grow up.

It's INSIDE each of us right now. Always has been. We just need to train our synapses to let neurons pass into different areas of our brains than the worn grooves we don't even have to think about, the closed loops, the circular thinking we've developed along the course of learning to get along. It's right in there. One only needs to send the electricity to it, light it up, and actuality, reality, fundamental truth suddenly gets its shot at ripping the abject stupidity from us all.