tumult in khoonkhwuttunne

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I needed to go to the store. This might not seem tumultuous to you, but sometimes it's touch and go around here. I thought a nap was going to get me again, but a burst of life came instead. So I threw myself together to get out there and visit my PO box and the grocery store. My new winter strategy sweater arrived and a lot of envelopes were in the box that might've contained highly aggravating news. Between the curiosity about the cool sweater made of parts of used ones and the anxiety over the possible train wrecks in some of those envelopes, I just came right back home and started ripping everything open to just get it all over with. The sweater rocks and—AMAZINGLY—not one of those crazy-making envelopes contained anything necessarily awful.

So I was far more chic-looking at the grocery store, but I returned to a home that looks like a cyclone struck it.

Do you have trouble putting off knowing things too?

Anyway, I'm only linking this because I had fun listening to it in the middle of the night last night, and thought maybe you would, too, if you have nothing better to do.