WHY aren't you rioting?

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This is lethal, lethal shit and it's peppered all over the planet. Millions in Japan will die of it soon. Miscarriages and still births are way up all over the west coast of North America. It's NOT over. Maybe we've got all these disaster or outage plants going down this last couple months precisely to lull the population back to sleep, but we should be using them as opportunities to insure these plants STAY shut down. I asked a long time ago why we didn't yank all our troops from our world domination tour to force Japan into serious and immediate mitigations, help, get it done. NOBODY responded. NOBODY even stopped to express that, hey, yes, why indeed. My friends are responding PATRONIZINGLY, if at all, when I go off on my thing about nutritional supplements and other measures to mitigate the harm from the increased radioactivity.

How can it be that the sleeping powder works so well even on people who think?

Think again.