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They don't do anything and they don't say anything because they can't/won't pay anything. They do not come onto the media to just tell us point blank that they are unable/unwilling to do anything because we would then take matters into our own hands. Others might start bussing us out of the radiation zones, or away from the toxic soup, into communities that don't want the refugees. So sorry you have to die horribly, but there aren't enough jobs here as it is... or your skin color scares the old women... or we're just plain too infantile to take it into our heads to help you out with anything more substantive than a prayer or a fiver. If the authorities admitted the situation, in any of the multifarious lethal wreckages dotting the globe, they would cease to be authorities. People would learn not to look to them. They'd cease to have the power to make their own lives transcendentally cushy literally at the expense of our ability to keep breathing.

They can prolong this ability by simply nutting up. It lets the hypnotized stay zonked SO much longer, gives X amount of time to be dumping more sleeping powder too. People groping around in the dark have a billion ways to deceive themselves that action is ill-advised. They might trip over something. They won't chance it.

I guess it's nice enough of them to mention that a typhoon is headed toward them at all, but why is this guy, who is directly in the path of lethal radiation in a lethal typhoon, sitting at his webcam right now? He has nowhere to go? No money? Or not enough? Tell me, why would he NEED that to get out of the way of this much harm? Does he think he can live through all the hot particles about to be blown into him at a fantastic rate? Do the people of the world think that's okay?