entirely too like some men in my life

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I would have had the surgery and then done the alternative methods. It doesn't signify to me, but a ridiculous number of men will let themselves be nuked to unrecognizable blobs before they will submit to surgery. They will go off to war and take turns ripping each others' guts out, but won't go under the knife willingly no matter how much pain it means. One area where his legendary stubbornness seems to have worked against him... against us.

He loved apricots. Had an orchard in his back yard. I'm thinking he was eating the kernels for those nine months.

This reminds me, I heard the doctor in Italy who cures cancer with bicarbonate of soda telling George Noory that the baking soda and maple syrup "cure" is asinine, that ANY sugar feeds tumors and just don't go there.

I've heard a number of people saying that one has plenty of time to think it out before leaping on whatever treatment, but that is bullshit. That tumor is sloughing off millions of malignant bits to circulate in one's system every minute of every day and even though our immune systems kill 99.999% of them, there's the one that slips by and finds a nice new home. So you want to make up your mind about it quickly... and remember it takes pounds of pot to make that hemp oil....