how stupid it's not supposed to be

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One of the very few people on this planet who will speak about it, useful concepts cascading out his mouth like a fountain, in ways that can REALLY make you realize your errors, REALLY help you find the strength to stop making them. His business about avoiding "we our us" is NOT meant as anything at all resembling selfishness. It's actually a perfect flip of the Zen "you do not exist" that maintains all its power to crack open the coconut. I love this about him because Zen is not dogma. Every bit of it is subject to being thrown out in favor of new ways to transmit real meaning, transmit the crucial hints for those who want to wake up.

It's easy to get add ons for your browser that will turn this sort of thing into an mp3 from the video. You could load it on your iPod and listen while you're commuting, or cleaning house, or flopped on a rock by a river, or just trying to blot out the chaos around you. Why the hell not? Why resist considering this stuff?