icke called it

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Santos Bonacci has been KNOCKING HIMSELF OUT to explain it. Michael Tsarion has DEVOTED HIS LIFE to it. It's gonna sound farfetched to you. They have made sure of it. But I think you should contemplate it anyway.

What we call our history, our religions, our social order, all of it, fabricated so as to keep us helpless. I don't think this "Occupy" business is going to cut it. I think the only thing that will cut it is you—even if you're just fine with yourself, even if you still think some sort of political action is all that is needed, even if you'd rather just be splayed out in front of the tube or your stereo—in other words, no matter what—taking a really hard look at yourself. I don't mean just consider recycling more, or flogging yourself for not having saved more money. I mean STOP. LOOK. Drop your story. Drop your political preferences. Drop everything that serves to identify you to the world or to yourself and identify what really matters, what it is going on over which you will agonize on your deathbed for not having heeded.

You MUST stop being fixated on the awfulness and your alarm clock and your bank account and what's trending and yer immortal id. Get out of it. If you can't do it at home, get yer ass out to somewhere beautiful. Stop the yammering in yer head. Take a look at the shit, the shadow, your story so cleverly obfuscates, and GET REAL. You must remove yourself from the vast interplay of karma. This is called "meditation" and there are thousands of prescriptions for how to do it, and you NEVER do. Your ego is CERTAIN you will die of it, CERTAIN it will make a mockery of everything you've said and done in your life if you ACTUALLY do it. It will cause you to continue suffering until you are dead so as to avoid finding out you WON'T die of it, and that making a mockery of your shit is EXACTLY what the whole world needs.