it doesn't get ANY plainer than this

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It is a minor ordeal to listen to this bit of OWS coverage, and I wish I were clever enough to just take the communications glitches parts out of it and present it to you that way, but even so, the problem with this BULLSHIT "movement" is crisply portrayed here. If you are ready to drop your lifelong attachment to street protest long enough to SEE, this will have been an extremely valuable twenty minutes.

I submit the entire thing has been whipped up precisely to stave off something organic that would have been disastrous to the PTB. It has been our enemies posing as allies. It has been worse than a waste of time. Yes, yes, there is a distant possibility this might yet get away from them and turn into something real, but I've seen too many people convinced it IS real because they've gone out there with a sign. Nope. It's about keeping it from harming the big boys, and it will work to demoralize us further... and the organizers don't mind because the donations are pouring in.