no more ms niceguy

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You will recall me fuming about the OWS commercial the other day. Well, someone is paying ultra-close attention. You might want to click through to his channel and look at some of the other stuff he's doing. I'm not 100% sold on all of it, but I think it's worth taking a little time to CHECK OUT. The guy has a photographic memory and he seems to base this stuff on more than just his memory.

I think this is very important to consider because we have seen SO much evidence of people who mean us harm organizing and igniting these protests. It seems they are managing the problem, the reaction and the solution nowadays, not leaving it up to us to ignore the problems they set up in their effort to enact more draconian control mechanisms. Just bear in mind that if someone had piped up when the babies-being-dumped-out-of-incubators show was in heavy rotation, you'd've thought they were a kook... and you would have been wrong.

I mean, yes, this guy is a kook, but I think he may be ONTO something....