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Yesterday I posted this, but some ugly quirk of fate caused massive linkage failure, not discovered for hours. I don't want the feedheads to have lost the nuances of this message. So I'm posting it again.


I have been screaming about pushbutton revolutions for so long I can't even talk about it anymore, but, you fuckers, THE SCHOOL FOR PUSHBUTTON REVOLUTIONS IS HERE, and the same guys who run them are the ones at whose table those inactivists want a seat. These psychopaths are expert MINDFUCKERS. Don't let them yank on your frustration and agony for relief.


You have to have a plan. You have to have the personnel to implement the plan. You have to have a populace that will enforce the plan. Otherwise, a few little wimps who wanna make it online get some scratch and untold numbers are abused and there is the excuse for things to get even worse.

It has to be everyone and there's NO way that stays nonviolent. I'm working my butt off here to entice you out of consensus trance so you don't just get dragged helplessly into the dystopian future by sociopaths. Please. Quit calling it whatever you call it so you don't have to pay attention and pay attention.



We are faced with the problem of the mainstream coming up to date on the realities of life on this planet. Our collective consciousness has a huge impact on our environment. There is a "shadowy elite" who seem to understand this and want—psychopathologically—to prevent our enlightenment. It does not serve them. It takes away all their control. It renders them powerless. So ALL our attention is being channeled to anything and everything that will keep us frightened, frustrated, demoralized, polarized, disempowered.

There is no need for physical confrontation with these swine and their legions IF we wrest our heads from their domination. Trouble is your head has been dominated by them from birth. You think I'm trying to be insulting when I talk about this, that I must be referring to all those boneheads out there, the stupefied masses, or I'm some kind of victim of vexing grandiosity, some kind of threat to you personally. So you will do one of two things—misunderstand and back away, or misunderstand and try to draw nearer—that are the all wrong responses to it, to me. I don't mean The Dopes in the sense of the walking around world. I mean The Dopes in the sense of all deluded humanity, 99.999% of us, of whom I am so unfortunately, at least tangentially, still a member.

This is not going to turn out well. The bad guys want it. And, yes, if it gets large enough, it is conceivable it could backfire on them in a big way, but even in the best case scenario, it won't FIX the problem. It might make it more equitable and easier for us to bear, after a great deal of bloodshed and loss of life, but the evolution of consciousness will not have extended to the point where our liberation from this planet-killing mental prison has been accomplished.

If you want to rise up, do it with this knowledge, whether you physically get out there in it or just swear yourself to overcoming your own unspeakably cruel consensus trance. It is not debatable that you are in it. You MUST stop being riveted to to your negative feelings. I don't care how reasonable they unquestionably seem. THEY ARE POISONING GAIA. They are killing everything. I don't care how wuwu you think this notion is. STOP AND LOOK.