people always have to forget this in order to talk about anything else

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It has needed to be halted immediately for decades, so we can't have lives if we bear that in mind, but WHAT gives us more right to lives than the people we allow them to slaughter for profit? We have murdered literally millions of people, left more millions envying their dead. ARE YOU NUTS?

The answer to that question is yes, yes you are.

You could have your sanity back if you halted this.

We're amassing troops at the Afghan border with Pakistan. Pakistan is amassing troops on the other side of that border. One might conclude that this is when we bring Pakistan formally into our family of enemies, but I think instead it is Ofucker insisting that they cooperate with his reelection. This would be the squeeze of the tribesmen Pakistan has been loath to participate in for all these agonizing years, and by now Ofucker can threaten ANYTHING and they WILL believe it. We're getting out of Iraq, and we need to be out of Afghanistan and Libya for when Israel attacks Iran, and we need it in time to make a big impression on the voters. Our murder laureate and his handlers want everyone reluctant to change the guard.

You could have your sanity back if you halted this.