seriously now

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Kevin Zeese and David Swanson and a bunch of other wannabe internet tycoons, the ones who have been trying to ignite this for the past couple years, are in this for the money... the foundation grants... the paychecks for "progressive" inactivism. Insofar as they are able, they will move this in favor of Democrats. Who are IN FACT no better for us than Republicans. The guys in this orbit would cut their dicks off before ever getting close to Mario Savio or Abbie Hoffman action. They already have.

They cave at the first luncheon invitation from a Senator. They brag about their seats at the table in committee for legislation that blacks out their input the moment they've left the room. They don't care because it gives them stuff to wheedle more hits on the PayPal button. So now that they've got some crowds, the oligarchs themselves are accommodating as heck, finally, after YEARS of struggle for their attention. Think about that.