somebody bothered to upload better quality sound

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This brief lecture is very worth listening to, and I remember linking it years ago, but the difficulty with the sound quality made it a miserable thing on which to concentrate. I was beset by fizzing razor blades over people's failure to snap out of it, even then, but maybe now, with this much better sound quality, one might set down for three quarters of an hour to contemplate the means to this cowardly new world... a society that produces "leaders" like Chris Hedges and Kevin Zeese.

It struck me, listening this time, that "society" might better be defined as the set of all enslaved lab rats and their intercourse... the herd... the unwashed... the witless... livestock... YOU... and that the percentage of not suggestible humans has diminished greatly since the measurement mentioned herein, with the aid of the devices Huxley brought up fifty years ago. This has been accomplished by stroking that population into lives of nearly unremitting self-congratulation for their non-suggestibility. Worked like a goddam charm.

Something Huxley didn't mention is the fact that the divide and rule shtick has been promoted officially since at least the time of ancient Sumer. Admittedly, this cannot be a well-known fact, but the vast majority of educated people have read The Prince, and that's been around for five hundred years. You might think the problem of the proletariat continually fighting with each other over wedge issues has nothing to do with consensus trance, with the purposeful hypnosis of the masses by the PTB, but you would be wrong. Witness the sanctimonious lefty, Chris Hedges, calling the Tea Party "proto-fascist" while advocating for the masses to be completely disarmed and to spend decades staging circuses to stop already full-fledged fascism, to stop people being made homeless, and hungry, and abject, and DEAD by corporate control of our government.

Progressive fascists are more harmful than mere proto-fascists because they can't see themselves supporting that which they purport to revile. Hedges will be debating Derrick Jensen later this month in San Francisco. I want to help Derrick mop the floor with him.