this has been one bummer of a day

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I had a hair appointment down in Crescent City this evening. I am pleased to report that at least the ladies at the salon were as appalled and upset by this filthy lynching as I am. Somebody on my feed liked this video and I thought it was fitting for the day. Ofucker doesn't know better. Ofucker is a sociopath. If there ever could be a good reason to murder someone in cold blood, or lynch them and drag them through the streets, or some grisly combination of these, and you had Qaddafi out there in the square next to Ofucker, which of them would you choose? If there is a city on the face of this earth that deserves the treatment Sirte has gotten, would it not be that certain portion of Washington, DC? It would.

Please bother to educate anyone you catch tsking over the dead "dictator". I have been fairly comprehensive about linking things that are something closer to the truth. You have plenty of ammunition and this isn't going to change unless we can make some more bulbs brighten. The lady who cuts my hair told me Hank Williams had gotten in trouble for wondering if Hitler was really as bad as advertised. I'VE been wondering that more and more with the passing of each day. Seems to me anyone bothering to look into the specs for any of the people vilified by the MSM is going to be forced to start wondering about that... big time.