whatever you think

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Whatever you believe, you cannot miss that there has been a concerted effort to keep us distracted from our own greater sense. However you want to portray it, the soul killer, one has always willingly gone along. Through ignorance or through envy, makes no difference at all.

This machine engineers society. Any movement of free will can be co-opted by them, and is, over and over and over and over....

You have been watching it for years. You don't know how we got here from there, but we're here.

If there ever were any actually free will original freedom fighters deciding to use terrorism as their tactic, it was usurped by them decades ago. There isn't a terrorist organization on earth not completely in their control.

There aren't any politicians outside their control.

There aren't any elections outside their control.

There isn't anything in the world they cannot turn to their advantage.

Except the truth.

And NOT what you only CALL the truth, but the REAL deal.

Where is that? It's right here.