alex was on with george last night

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I am thinking it might be a good link to give people you know who are oblivious to the situation. They were perpetuating a couple boldfaced lies in here, but the truth that was coming out pretty much makes up for it.

Anyway, just a thought.

I'm doing okay. Almost dead from a serious bath and scrubbing myself down to the quick, but, hell, I'm sparkling clean, way outta breath and storming the medical clinic tomorrow down in Marin.

Septic system here at Mom's backed up today and we had lots of excitement waiting for the cavalry to arrive. It's all jake now. Kinda goofy, bumping around this fancy ass McMansion with the tubs and toilets and sinks filling with unsavory fluids, but, fwoosh, obstruction gone and a little elbow grease and good as new.

I only have to live through this one night of blaring television and then I'm on my way to storm the establishment. They WILL submit!