i'm truly, deeply heartbroken

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I need you to pay attention. I need you to really look very deeply into this. I've been saying it and thinking it for YEARS. I'm not bragging. I'm always hopping up and down about stuff at least three years before the rest of the world seems to begin to catch on. It's just a fact. I'm plenty slow-witted and so I cannot describe to you how badly it freaks me that others still don't catch on. You have seen me working through all my mistakes, apologizing for each, continually striving to do better, doing better, and STILL, despite the satisfying number of links to stuff pertaining to CAF's admonitions, I don't think you GET it.

She was telling you that you must lose your fear of dying because WORSE is in store. Fuck. It's already HERE. We have HUGE problems that will take many lifetimes of hard work to repair. We have a bunch of SELF-SEEKING, dickless CLOWNS running this travesty of human activism too many people feel is the American public beginning to stir. The best that can be said for it is that it is showing that the mindfucked masses WANT to, but are too timid to let reality sink in. When reality sinks in, that means one must DO SOMETHING about it, risk one's position or life or, curses, open oneself to the possibility of publicly failing.

There is NO question about what CAF said. It's out there for anyone to see, for EVERYONE to see, but people let their disbelief in this stuff keep them benighted. Everything, the system itself, has been designed to keep you too benighted to stop this little cabal of psychopaths from decimating our planet and using the people as livestock and lab rats and slaves and any other debauched thing they can think up. They can live in oceans of utter luxury while there are people crusted over with grime living under bridges and rifling dumpsters for scraps of food.




WE say what kind of world it is, NOT that dimly perceived "they". And, yes, this means some of us, maybe even a lot of us, DIE to fix it. You don't want to be one of them. I don't want to be one of them. None of the people who have died for us in history wanted to be one of them.

Humans, plain humans, non-mindfucked humans, the critters under all the misdirection known as The System, don't DO this shit. We are NOT killers. We do NOT attack others to get their stuff. We join others to get what we all need. You can find thousands of ways to disprove what I say, but you are wrong. You are speaking of The System, the kill-or-be-killed bottom line built into The System so that a few psychopaths can live like immortal satyrs.

Do I get a PA system attached to my go cart from the eighth dimension and start this myself?

I'm old. I'm sick. WTF? WHY are people this disinclined to responsibility for this world?



the kernel of it was in the SECOND HALF of Bonnie Faulkner's interview with Catherine Austin Fitts.

As Big Dan would say, THIS IS HUGE.

They are taking all your money and everything you own, a breakaway civilization, and either actively trying to kill you or callously leaving you to die.

If you've been keeping up here, you shouldn't need any more convincing, but if you are still unclear, goddam motherfucking STOP EVERYTHING AND LISTEN TO THIS.