they took all the right pills

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I was too tired to fight about it. Just an itsy prob with the hormones here, dudes, and you have NO idea how hard it is to wade through images to find the good enough approximation for you. Maaaaan, people out there have them some uuuuughly feet! I keep worrying about my appalling state of deterioration... until I look at some of that action. Anyway, the impostor gleefully dimpled my ankles and shins to see just HOW swollen this really is and, fine, I got some goddam water pills and fingerprints to tide me over till I can get to the actual doctor.

No, the naturopathic stuff isn't working. [String of filthy epithets here....]

I guess I'm going to be in Stinson for Thanksgiving... make Billy stuff me before I have to go back to making my size sixes fit again. I swear, I think I should just get a bullhorn on a rope so I can keep it handy to be HEARD. Meantime, I guess I better find a way to get my feet up until I start peeing....