i bothered to translate the japanese on his blog

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It was talking about a fundraiser for his subscription website. So it seems being blackballed has taken its toll, and the protestations of his not needing the money may have been mostly Wilcock hyperbole.

I notice that the leading charlatans of Out There are all trying to co-opt Benjamin Fulford's thing suddenly. The good part is they seem to be insisting this will all be manifest to the general public before Valentine's Day... so... we won't have to be panting after the developments, spinning their almighty hit counters.

Down in the comments at the linked post, I found an interesting LINK. So I am beginning to think that, while the whole thing about ninjas was probably mostly scare tactics, Ben has done his homework, AND he has some protection.

I found another interview with him the other night, and I'll link it later if I remember which one and where, but in it he stated that his falling out with Rense was over the harping on Fukushima [pun not intended] and, indeed, I heard them yelling at each other over it at the time, but it also seems that Ben ran all over Tokyo with a geiger counter and came up with bubkes....

Which leads me to confess something that has been running through my head too much to keep failing to mention. I think they have the ability to neutralize radiation. I know this crossed Huckster Hoagland's mind early on and I mentioned it then, but it was all the way off my mindscape for months and months, and suddenly it popped back in. There just doesn't seem to be any other rational explanation for the nuclear profligacy.

There are people out there saying there wasn't even an earthquake and we nuked them. And how would we even know? I don't think it was anything so crude, but, out there as it sounds, I cannot fathom this playing out like this unless they can nullify the damage with relative ease. Or sit in their homes and offices with little frequency boxes to keep them clear.

I still say Ben is the only one making any sense anymore.