if you want clear the hell out of the box

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This is your ticket. It's mine! I love it! It makes me think of Winter's "science advisor" and I start laughing and laughing and laughing.

But, seriously, it tickles me to hear serious men talking seriously about insanely significantly OUT of the box things. It makes me feel physically lighter and mentally brighter. Think of the OPPRESSION of the company line. Think of every direction you ever turn turning into a quagmire or adding to it. Think of yourself as one of those factory chickens we just saw in Baraka. The company line coming under your maimed beak out the opening in your tiny cage. Some chickens kick out of their cages and run outside the factory and start actually eating things real chickens eat!


Yes, you can miss this, in your ongoing effort not to be weird, but, well, I feel sorry for you if you choose that. Honestly. It's a wimpy two hours. You can get the most MARVELOUS images if you listen carefully. And it seems to me that if more people did this sort of thing, busting out of this REPREHENSIBLE way of life would NOT be such an ordeal.