my checkered past

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I was batshit crazy for a horse owned by Richard Keller. Tyler. Tyler sauntered into the arena at Cow Palace, and I pointed at him, roman nose, and said, "That one. That one is going to win it." Sonny was leaning on the rail next to me and he said, "Pfeh," being as he was really a snob about horses and disbelieving my insights into horseflesh. Tyler started jumping and Sonny started making awestruck sounds. He went clean. Of course, so did a number of others. This was the very first year they started timing the jumpoffs because too many horses were having to go three and four rounds by simply raising the jumps until there was one clear winner. They raised some of the jumps to seven feet something and made them have to swing around a bunch of other jumps to get to the next one on the course. Sonny said Tyler was way too slow to do this. I said, "He's going to win it. Right in front of us there were two jumps side by side, with hardly enough room to walk between them, only at a mildly obtuse angle. In the jumpoff course you had to jump one going in and then turn around and jump the other going out. Thing was: There was another jump, not on the jumpoff course, not three strides from these obtuse angled jumps. So the riders looped around that jump to catch the next. The times were pretty darn fast. In comes "lumbering" roman nosed Tyler. He jumped in, spun on his hind foot one stride out and jumped out, clean. Took about 7 seconds off the best time. Sonny was SCREAMING with admiration. I was nearly dead of desire to ride that horse.

I've been watching these videos from Web Stallions for weeks. There are NO Tylers to be found.