tell me if the one doesn't sound ultimately infinitely more childish than the other

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You will tend, of course, to gravitate toward the more cynical scenario, but dropping everything, in a world that is like it is, WHICH sounds the most lucid to you? This little interview with Morris' friend? Or
The negotiations on a new financial system for the planet are proceeding well but due to the complexity of the situation, it will take time before any public announcements are possible, according to sources close to the negotiations. The current owners of the Federal Reserve Board System and the Washington D.C. corporate government are hoping to offer enough reforms that they can stay in power. Their money has been frozen, though, by a group that would rather see them all put in jail. The final solution to the problem will need to involve an audit of the real world and the removal of all fraudulent funds from the system. It will also involve a massive redistribution of wealth, meaning that the American people and other worldwide victims of the cabal will get their stolen funds returned to them.