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I think it might be productive to review what Ben said first. There is this Camelot interview and there are the original RENSE interviews to consider. I think the way this has played out is that Fulford and Rense have parted ways over the issue of Rense driving Fulford nuts over the Fukushima issue. Ben got angry about his story being continually knocked off primacy by the outrages of the day. So Rense took offense. They yelled at each other. Fulford's name came off Rense's front page. And suddenly Fulford was talking with David Wilcock.

Looking at this from his point of view, one can see him wishing to work with anyone with a large audience. I think maybe his association with Wilcock is pau over the embarrassing display of Wilcock's meltdown on the air about going to be assassinated if a couple hundred thousand people didn't click into his latest article about all this.

The bastions of Out There are formally in FLUX. That display seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back. People are starting to question the motives of a few of the leading lights. I think this is a good thing, but I wonder if Ben isn't being buried in it. And does he deserve it? This is a question for me again. I believe him. I just don't think he's lying. I think he may have made more out of some of it than maybe is reliable, but I don't think he's lying. So I'm having to review again to really check.