the two-faced god

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My ESP is working.

Not much else is, but at least that. I went off to the fancy restaurant for a soda and a salad and drove home in the full expectation that this interview would be up. No reason. No schedule. No warning. I just decided to post it when I got home... and... here... it... is....

It rained cats and dogs on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was gorgeous and springlike out today. Almost too warm for a sweater. The sun went down and the temperature dropped twentysomething degrees inside an hour. I'm back sleeping all day and not getting to the rest of the world during business hours. Appalled. Fed up. And so I went to the fancy restaurant for BREAKFAST... and announced that it had to be this way because anything that can get me back on something approximating a "normal" sleep schedule interferes with my ESP.

So. I'm paying for my talent.