the buddhas never look like we expect

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I think Alex Jones is a stone cold genius. I don't agree with him about a whole lot of things. I'm fine with it when he interviews people I admire, but must sit here and endure my guts kicking when he's talking with someone I revile. This is perfect practice for me. I remind myself that there are legions of righties out there who are enduring him being friendly with the lefties just fine. So whenever I want to feel superior to them I can quickly know that for what it is. What a gift!

I notice what he repeats every day. I notice myself wanting him to get over that crap and move on. Then I remember that such repetition is mandatory to anyone trying to do what he's trying to do. He's got the progressive fascists on his ass nearly full time. He's got the conservative paranoids on his ass nearly full time. He's growing the middle, expanding the common ground. He's demonstrating that even if he can't agree with everybody, he's communicating with everybody, WILLING to have it turn out other than he sees fit so long as it is genuine, a product of the people and not the sociopaths.

I try to listen to as much as I can stand on a daily basis. I have seen how just about everything we have ever have called righteous has turned into poison. SPLC, Media Matters, HuffPo, MoveOn, DailyKos, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Sierra Club... actually every single group that makes a big enough splash gets turned to funneling humans into the meat grinder or at least keeping us deluded long enough for them to get to us. If you can make a case for the fascists' interest being served by Alex Jones, I'd like to hear it. I find about ten ways this could be so every time I click on one of his videos, but they never stand up. Everywhere else I look it stands up. I mean, I see the fascist influence standing up behind whatever other going concern I find out there, whether on the right or on the left. I see it propping up even some Libertarian outlets, just maybe with less strength. I don't catch Alex getting trapped in that stuff. He keeps wiggling out of it.

Only altruistic people truly questioning themselves can ever pull this off. The sociopaths have made this into adamant. I can say this all day every day and it can't lose its potency as long as fascist insects rule the world. We have grown from infancy to distinguish ourselves by whatever politics of lifestyle appeals to us. We think because we are free to choose between them that we are not slaves, but there isn't a one of the many choices that doesn't serve THE mechanism of our suffering. I think Alex believes it to be monetarism, controlling the money supply. He's close.

The mechanism is money itself. Money itself insures that people will perpetually have ulterior motives in order to get more of it. Money itself means we break off into these sundry politics of lifestyle to get more of it. Money itself mandates we never stop wanting more of it because our survival instincts will not ultimately let us concentrate on more than our next meal. EVEN when one has trillions of times more money than it takes for a thousand generations to keep eating this is still true because money CAN'T insure that. It's FAKE. Everybody knows that. Even the metals maniacs. Money ONLY works as long as others agree it works and even when people don't think it consciously, they know it unconsciously.

Only the very most enlightened can have a lot of it without fucking everyone else to keep their standard of living. It's exactly like the problem of losing weight. You can know reducing your caloric intake will make you slim and healthy, but your FAT CELLS don't and they NEVER stop screeching that you're STARVING to death, EVEN as the mirror puts the lie to that nonsense, EVEN as your intellect screams back that it's nonsense. It's the same mechanism screaming that you're going to be a lesser being if you opt to stop the increase of wherewithal gig. If you can't get a new car every couple years, you are going to lose your gloss with your social set in an absolutely mortifying hurry. If you can't afford to party like they do, that's going to do it even faster. People can't reason with that craziness inside. No matter how high up there they get, their guts are on fire not to lose ground, not to be hurt, not to seem less to their peers, not to keep those peers, even when they hate those peers.

We have this psychotic mess while anyone you ask can tell you this has become an extinction level problem BECAUSE some fucks who would rather rule the world than be part of it decided that issuing trinkets or paper was the way to dupe the stupid into doing everything for them.

It's gotten out of hand.

You can't even imagine a time when this wasn't the way things go.

Meritocracy is completely beyond your ken because a bunch of lazy and egomaniacal fucks got together to make up a story and stamp out some ingots. Just too damn easy to sell the notion that an abundance of money EQUALS merit, and pound anyone who disagrees with your psychedelic shortage of reason you CALL "reason" into a cave somewhere grubbing for bugs... or into suicide. Alex Jones' peers have mostly already killed themselves or been killed. He might not be perfect and might still be deluded about some things but he's alive and fighting. He deserves his success.