do you think henrik reads my blog?

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Or just my mind?

I was listening to him and Michael from bed last night. I was having one of my up and downs, dead asleep and then fidgeting and running in bed to the point where I leap up and do something to shake it off. Dead asleep, I was sitting by a strangely attractive quiet man. I kept wanting to look at him more closely. The closer I got the more his face turned into Henrik's face. His lips were moving precisely with Henrik's voice out here in the awake world. It was riveting. Something came up behind me and applied pressure in the awake world. On my face side I was in the dream, watching Henrik's lips closely. On my back side I was in this room and something was gripping me from behind... like a man... like spoons.

I tried not to be alarmed. I knew no one was there. I didn't want to be terrified. I wanted to focus on Henrik's lips pushing out Henrik's words. But the pressure from behind became too great. My dream dried up and I was running in place again.

Tonight, Henrik is interviewing that weird guy who reads books to people on the air... running commentary... sometimes too much... often ruining the book... and who likes to go off on rants about Alex Jones being some kind of controlled opposition shill for the NWO. That seems a little paranoid to me, but there is a faction converted to that view. And it is true that the PTB co-opt everything that can take power from them. Sometimes they just start their own opposition to funnel off the energies of whoever is opposed. So it isn't impossible.

Henrik dared me to endure the whole AJ vs. Peter Joseph debacle again and so I did. It was as appalling this time as it was the last, but I still don't grok what there is about it that screams perfidy to some. It just seems like plain old country attitude to me, pandering to the bubbas who hate intellectuals at Peter's expense... and I think he's gotten over that by now... but... who the hell knows?