i think we all need to listen

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I became highly suspicious of Thrive when I found out the people who made it are Gambles, as in Proctor and Gamble. I know, I know, it doesn't do to lump all rich people together any better than to lump all grocery clerks together. The best you can do is statistical analysis... or pay very minutely close attention. I kind of lost my will to pay attention because I couldn't get over Gambles charging people for a supposedly altruistic work. It wouldn't have felt as egregious in better days, saner times, but that one nails me every time.

Alex Jones has put their video in his store. It is stated here that they put all the money they had into making this video.

There is some discussion here about the Zeitgeist Movement that is worth considering. It is lucid and Alex seems to have put his rabies behind him. I wish he'd get off his fucking tedious God thing, keep his legendary mouth shut about it in public, but at least he is always careful to mention that whatever your beliefs might be, he still wants you in on this stuff. That helps me endure it.

Anyway, I think this little interview will be good for us. They are supposedly going to be on again tomorrow, and if it's any good I'll just add that to this playlist.