i'm reminded of the other max

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I cast my mind back on how I was trained to treat mention of David Duke with such disdain. It was a long time until I even realized I knew almost nothing about him. Then I decided to pay better attention and all I got were some pretty unfortunate sound bites to round out my knowledge. Yes, I could have dug harder, but it didn't seem important. Things seemed pretty clear when all the time they were no such thing. How did they do that? How did I get it in my head, like a trained seal, that David Duke was a risible little bigot when I couldn't have picked him out of a lineup or recognized his voice?

So much of what I "know" got here by this mysterious entrance.

Let me know if you spot it.

[John Trudell calls it "imprinting"....]

Anyway, a former friend, The Other Max, once told me he thought I must be hot for Putin to defend him as I do. I don't think I ever managed to make it clearer to him. I think, actually, but don't know, that he was taking Larisa's word for too much in the matter of Russians and Jews, and about Putin in particular. I told him the persecuted Jew thing didn't sound any more convincing than the persecuted democrats thing. The people Putin "persecutes" are stone cold killers.

Imagine my astonishment to now hear David Duke helping me make my case... too late....