it seems to be alex day around here

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However, I listen with my very own SOUNDTRACK behind it now. I downloaded it in mp3 format and have it on a loop on iTunes. It suits my mood and helps me listen.

This is from yesterday, and followed a pretty damn good interview with Max Keizer that I almost posted... it being notable for Max not mentioning buying gold or silver even once, for his naked assertion that there is no sense screaming anymore because it is all flat out certified legal theft now, and his lucid description of the head trip these fuckers use to keep doing this shit despite how evil it is.

They tell themselves they are doing it to keep food and fuel relatively cheap for the American people, that their high office is a sort of recompense for the abuse they have to take for doing our dirty work. It's on YouTube if you want to go listen.

But, here, Greg Palast just nails it for the umpteenth time with information you might really need. And, again, notice where the people who are REALLY on our side go to talk to us. Note it well.