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But I think he's leaving it to others to blather about it:
One of the classic control tools used by the Old World Order (that is what I call the NWO) is to divide and conquer. They try to get truth seekers to attack each other instead of concentrating on the real enemy. The real enemy is the ethnically Khazarian lucifer-worshipping mafia that pretends to be Jewish. They have been trying to enslave humanity and they came very close to succeeding.

However, rest assured that we will prove with actions and events, not words that we are for real. As for me being "a false person, a disinfo agent, COINTELPRO, a NWO shill, etc., etc.," that is slander pure and simple. There is no evidence because it is simply not true.

However, it is true that I now am in close contact with senior people in all sorts of large organizations, including large secret organizations. There is no need for me to provide proof because the only real proof will be when the planet changes for the better in a way that all can see. It is happening already and events will escalate. Enjoy the show and do what you personally can to help.
I guess they've pushed back our liberation another six weeks....

Maybe we can be glad the increments are getting so much shorter?